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monday JUL 6
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04 Mar 2020
Fancy Dress Activity - Helpers

A Fancy dress activity on Helpers was held on 02.03.2020 (Monday) for Pre KG kids. The little ones came dressed as Doctors, Lawyers, Farmers, Bakers, Policemen, Teachers, Rag-Pickers, and so on. Children learnt about the importance of community helpers and it opened their minds to the 'Working World'.



03 Mar 2020
Class II - Role-Play

The excited bunch of class II students performed a role play as a part of their library activity. The screeching of the cars, the hooting of the owls and various other roles chosen by the students kept the audience glued to the play. 

An entertaining week indeed!


28 Feb 2020
Class I - Show and Tell - Solar System

"Is it a football?"

"Is it a basketball?"

 No, it's the planets of our solar system. A ‘Show and Tell’ on Solar System was conducted for the young explorers of class I on 27.2.2020 (Thursday). The students enjoyed talking about various planets which enriched their knowledge too. The classes turned into a galaxy of planets.



27 Feb 2020
LKG - Fancy Dress Competition

Apples and Grapes, Carrots and Peas, come to school!


24-02-2020 (Monday) was an exciting day for LKG children as they came dressed up as fruits and vegetables for a Fancy Dress Competition to inculcate the habit of eating fruits and vegetables.

The little ones looked adorable in their vibrant costumes and each one was a winner.

Thankyou Parents!


26 Feb 2020
Class II - Spin a Tale

Congratulations to our budding story tellers !


19 Feb 2020
Rhymes Recitation Competition

A Rhymes Recitation Competition was held for Pre KG children on 14-02-2020 (Friday). The kids recited a variety of rhymes with great zeal and enthusiasm. This helped the young ones to build their oratory skill and self confidence.


12 Feb 2020
High Flying Day

3,2,1….... Take off.

 ‘High Flying Day’ was held on 10/2/2020 (Monday) for LKG children.

It was a fun filled day as kids made colourful paper rockets and launched them to the count of 3.

Children were thrilled to see their rockets zoom up into the sky.


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22 Jan 2020
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04 Mar 2020
Fancy Dress Activity - Helpers
03 Mar 2020
Class II - Role-Play
28 Feb 2020
Class I - Show and Tell - Solar System
27 Feb 2020
LKG - Fancy Dress Competition
26 Feb 2020
Class II - Spin a Tale
06 Mar 2020
GA Activity - Class I - Smileys
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Ganesha Leaf Printing
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Dry leaves and Petals Crafts
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K.G. Day
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KG Day Celebration
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Mahashivrathri Celebrations
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Primary celebrates Science Day on 28th February, 2019
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Card making activity
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